Students from the Georgia Tech School of Architecture’s High-Performance Building Design and Research studio are underway in developing a new set of energy-efficient and affordable housing prototypes. 

Design teams are formulating strategies to spur economic development and entrepreneurship in economically challenged neighborhoods.   

Countering the recent trend of demolition and assemblage, our approach preserves the existing neighborhood subdivision while promoting higher density and a mix of uses through text amendments to existing zoning. 

Rethinking the single-family housing model to include opportunities for multiple income streams on a typical 40'x140' parcel, to include commercial, residential uses while encouraging entrepreneurship, even at the smallest level, is our ultimate long term challenge.


With the Fall 2015 Semester completed, check out the newly updated Final Fall 2015 Student Work!

Fall 2015 Semester Student Photo with final models

Fall 2015 Semester Student Photo with final models



This exhibit includes work developed over the past four years, with students problem solving together in a seminar and design studio setting on how to expand 21st century housing options to meet the needs of changing urban demographics, sustainability targets and alternative energy requirements, all through smartly researched and elegantly designed urban housing and public space solutions.


The United States Department of Energy reports that our buildings account for forty percent of all energy consumed nationally. Our focus on high performance buildings at the Georgia Tech College of Architecture aims to reduce that percentage and meet the rising demand for design and building performance professionals to evaluate the environmental impact of design decisions. Continuing a twenty-five-year trajectory of research leadership, Tech students and faculty are leading the way in design, and building simulation.  



AIA National Convention Exhibition

Be sure to see the Zero Energy Housing exhibit at the AIA National Convention in Atlanta, May 14-16.

We will be sharing work from the past year which demonstrates our ambitions related to housing and energy, and most importantly, the changing face of architectural education in relation to alternative energy capture, higher efficiencies, rapid evolution of upstream technologies and applications, and more robust software platforms.   The definition of sustainability is evolving, moving to transform integral parts of architectural practice and education from a purely tectonic trajectory to a more thermodynamic comprehension of the design project in total.

DWELL ON DESIGN: Designing for Future Generations: Zero Energy Housing

Michael spoke at the Dwell on Design 2014 | Architecture for Humanity show to a lively crowd, featuring the work of Georgia Tech and Gamble + Gamble.  13 Students from Georgia Tech were there, and had two days of inspirational walkabouts through Brooklyn and New York.


Students are gearing up for Midterms today, with lots of effort put into defining how Georgia Tech's Living Learning Community will work - from classrooms to housing.  We have a number of guests coming in today to expand the dialogue.

We all meet in New York on Thursday in search of inspiration with stops to see friends, fine buildings and public spaces, and most importantly to share ideas at Architecture for Humanities Design Like You Give A Damn Meeting, and Dwell Magazines Dwell on Design.

More to come . . . . . . 

Welcome Back! Introducing our Fall 2014 Studio

Following the success of last year, this proposed study will traverse both fall and spring semesters.  Fall semester students may elect to continue into the spring, though concurrency is not required. The series of seminars and studios will focus on the design and construction of medium-scaled ecologically sensitive mixed residential/academic developments.  Key to the course is the Incorporation of high-performance active and passive energy systems into very well-conceived and executed building and site design propositions. High Performance Building faculty and students will participate in the spring and serve as consultants to the studio throughout the year. The work from the previous year will serve as the foundation for advanced studies at all scales.  We will challenge some of the assumptions made thus far, invent new ones where needed, and refine each proposal by describing in detail various systems and environments.  

We will divide the semester into two parts:

Part 1 will run for 6 weeks and consist of case studies, programming, massing, siting for a new 35,000 sf net zero campus research center which will include housing, labs, offices, community/social space, and auditorium and connect to the larger ecological system on campus.  We will work in groups on 3 campus sites, and complete this effort before midterm.

 Part 2 will move from the scale of the building to façade and furniture studies.  We will interface with Industrial Design and make a trip to New York to learn by seeing and touching what makes great architecture, and visit some of the very best rooms and walls the city has to offer, from the scale of hotel rooms and apartments all the way up to rooms that function at the monumental scale.

ARCH 4011 Options Studio

@ Dwell on Design Los Angeles

Faculty and students are in Los Angeles exhibiting work from the studio.  

Dwell on Design LA, curated by the editors of Dwell magazine, opens at the Los Angeles Convention Center June 20-22, 2014. With three full days of dynamic exhibitions, unparalleled educational opportunities, cutting-edge technologies, 90 onstage programs, 200 speakers, and more than 2,000 innovative modern furnishings and products, Dwell on Design LA is America’s largest design event.

Student and faculty work from Georgia Tech is included, featuring the winning project from the Resource Furniture Interior Design Competition by Madona Cumar.  Contributors from Georgia Tech, Resource Furniture and Architecture for Humanity will give a public lecture 06.21 at noon.  Many thanks to our supporters: Resource Furniture, The Alcoa Foundation, Architecture for Humanity and Southface Energy Institute.

More to come!