Sean Fowler + Pavan Iyer

Creating a stronger unification of public, academic and housing elements was a critical focus of this project. Through the design of public library spaces and passive solar orientation, this proposal pushes the relationship between efficiency and spatial relationships. Enhancing the circulation through programatic areas as well as highlighting a new entryway to campus also serves to elevate the goals of this design. 

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By Pavan Iyer


Trey McMillon

Consistency of design language throughout the building aides this project’s wayfinding and relationship between public and private. Operating at both an urban and rural facade, this building seeks to create a monumental structure without being overbearing on the campus. 

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By Trey McMillon


Stephen Fisher + Daniel Kim

The building consists of five bands that stretch north-south, and one, honorific communal eating hall, that bridges them on the east-west axis. Almost all of the roof is occupiable, covered in grass and shrubbery, providing outdoor space for students to play, socialize, and study, effectively doubling the square footage of the site. Some of the roof is also accessible to the public for use as a park via access from the plaza that borders North Avenue on the northern border of the site. Georgia Tech students have a reputation for being pasty, sun-starved creatures who only leave their room as a necessity, but the success of the new Clough Undergraduate Learning Center green roof, and Skiles walkway “patio” contest this stereotype. Atlanta’s temperate climate provides for long spans of time where these outdoor spaces will be in use by the whole student body, mainly the LLC’s community and those from the North Avenue Apartments. 

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By Stephen Fisher + Daniel Kim


Stacy Politykma + Kaleigh Sawyer

The three key ambitions for this project include building a community, increasing bicycle use and enhacning the connection with the greater campus. Extensive focus on circulation has aided the development of a design built around the kinetic student life. This project seeks to create as sense of communal space within the campus. 

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By Stacy Politykma + Kaleigh Sawyer