Housing Layouts

The studio is making progress on the interior development of the housing types proposed last semester.  Take a look below!  We are all in NYC this week focused on materiality, surface and finish, visiting some of the best new interiors the world's greatest city has to offer.


Miguel Otero

Madona Cumar

Jennifer Ingram

Katie Braswell

Mihir Patel

Jim Bramlett

Po-Kai Chen

Kaitlyn Pahel

Daniel Alhadeff

Sarah McConnell

Jeremy Nash



Welcome Back Everyone - we are up and running

Welcome back students from last semester, and thanks to all of the new faces for taking an interest in our efforts. We jumped right in with a two fold exercise focused on ways of indexing, and basic color theory (see attached). Later this month  the class will return to NYC to visit a number of exceptional interiors, a prefab manufacturer in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, along with friends at the Alcoa Foundation and Resource Furniture.

The goal for the semester is simple: highly detailed design on net zero energy interior environments, and further research in the area of building envelop performance.

Exercise One


Spring Studio Agenda is Set!

For the spring semester we will shift the focus of the studio from an urban and typological emphasis towards interiors and building envelop. 

Many of you have never participated in a studio with an immersive focus on interior design, and thus it is a very timely subject. We will concentrate on narrative construction, mood, layering, color theory, furniture, furnishing/fashion and surface all with the goal of developing highly detailed interior environments. I have some of the most talented interior designers in the city on line to work with the class. You will come out of the studio with a deeper understanding and appreciation of what makes great architecture. 

We will make a trip to NYC to learn by seeing and touching what makes great interior architecture, and visit some of the very best rooms the city has to offer – from the scale of hotel rooms and apartments all the way up to rooms that function at the monumental scale. I have a couple of NYC firms on line to share work. We will use the emerging work from this semester as a foundation for our Spring semester thinking, challenge some of the assumptions made thus far, invent new ones where needed, and refine each proposal by describing in detail various interior and exterior environments. The students this semester are in the midst of some very exciting proposals. We will describe every square inch of surface of key spaces through drawings and models. 

For the building envelop group, the work from this semester will serve as the foundation for advanced technical modeling, with direction from Jason Brown as well as myself. We will have 1 or 2 HPB students and most likely a DDF student working on facades, and architects are of course welcome. The collective work for the entire year will be exhibited in Los Angeles, and I am working on other exhibition outlets. 


Spring Syllabus


Design Like You Give A Damn 2013

The Design LIke You Give A Damn 2013 conference in San Francisco was a great success! Students presented their current research and work while describing the future goals of the studio. The audience took well to the ideas of micro units and compact housing strategies. A denser city makes for a more sustainable and livable environment. A video upload of the presentation is soon to come.

Refining Energy Performance

 The Design Groups and Consultancies had an all day discussion with Dr. Godfried Augenbroe, head of Building Technology at the Georgia Tech College of Architecture. Each group presented their designs and findings thus far - it was lively, with lots of debate around orientation, building form, site response, energy delivery and most importantly, energy performance evaluations.


Thanks to you all for the sustained focus yesterday - that was a total of 5 hours of dialogue on such a great subject - well done.  It's important now to keep up the momentum and take advantage of the input yesterday immediately. Work as teams to address the key challenges now!!

And many, many thanks to Dr. Augenbroe for spending the afternoon with us in studio.
We look forward to seeing everyone in the classroom and the Hinman studio next week.

- Michael Gamble

Final Review: Update

Final review is set for all day 12/5/13!!

Final requirements listed below.

Sarah Watson is joining us from the Citizens Housing Planning Council in NYC.

Final Review Requirements

Graphics/Digital Output

Narrative Drawings

Case Studies

HPB/NZH Assignments

Demographic Research

Drawings and Models

Urban plan at 1:100 diachronic/synchronic as needed

Urban transects 1:100

3d printing up to 1/64

Site Plan 1/32”

Total Building plans/Unit aggregations 1/16”

Total Building Elevations 1/16”

Building/Site Sections 1/8”

Unit plan at 1/8” to ¼”

A few thoughts to share

Dear Class, I've reached out to Dr. Augenbroe and Professor Gentry regarding participation in this Fridays proposed review- a great idea, and thank you all for suggesting.

As each team now works to refine the site and typology response, let solar, shading, view shed, and micro-locale bear on the diagram. Simply adding skin to the plan/section diagram is not enough. What enclosure or programming strategies can mitigate direct southern exposure? Balconies, louvers, light shelves, deciduous trees, vertical gardens, perforated textile walls, etc. Likewise, airflow might begin to soften hard corners and suggest operable window types (casement, awning, transom) and specific views begin to shape apertures, and interrupt otherwise flat/thin facade membranes.

There's a big leap from the diagram to a beautifully articulated architectural project. Be bold! I would suggest a charrette session whereby wall types are woven into the diagrams: wet/dry, servant/served, opaques, perforated, ventilated, hot to cold gradients, private to public gradients- more than I can elaborate here. I spoke with a few teams about structure, too- here you have to trust the deep knowledge of structure that many of you hold, but are sometimes a bit too timid to scribble down. Be spontaneous, try sketching out structural ideas, not "cadding".

Anyone can draw a basic structural grid - extend your reach! See you tomorrow at 2.

Michael Gamble


Group Presentations in ZED-H

Each of the 5 combined Design and Energy Consultancy Groups Presents!

When: Friday, 10/18/13  11-1230

Where: Room 258

Who: Each team, same order as midterm: BBC, J^2, EDA, NJT, BKM

What: 5 minute overview of your BUILDING proposition – diagrams, plans, sections, elevations, model shots – remember the audience: teams eager to engage in the energy assessment of your proposals

+ 5 minutes of Q/A from the audience.

How: flash drive – please do not log-out and log-in, it is a momentum killer

Why: If I have to answer this, we are in trouble!!

The consultancy teams are formed and will be announced later today.  Each consultancy will serve one of the studio teams.

As Tim Gunn likes to say “make it work, people!”

-Michael Gamble

Midterm Presentations

Teams presented their current research on demographics and housing analysis through schematic designs and models.



Dr. John Peponis

Dr. Sung Kim

Professor Jude Leblanc

Professor Michael Gamble

Ms. Amelia Godfrey



BBC:   Nick Coffee, Jim Boyer, Katie Braswell

J^2:    James Van Horn, James Bramlett

EDA:   Eli Damircheli

NJT:   Namrata Dani, Junying Shi, Tyrone Marshall

BKM:   Bunny Tucker, Madona Cumar, Kaitlyn Pahel



Demographics Research

Presentations on initial research into Atlanta City demographics and making proposals for target audiences for our housing designs.



Professor Richard Dagenhart

Professor Ellen Dunham Jones

Professor Michael Gamble



BBC:  Nick Coffee, Jim Boyer, Katie Braswell

  • Multigenerational Housing

J2:  James Van Horn, James Bramlett

  • Young Professional Apartment Lofts

EDA:  Eli Damircheli

  • Young Professional / Student Apartments

NJT:  Namrata Dani, Junying Shi, Tyrone Marshall

  • Opportunity Housing

BKM:  Bunny Tucker, Madona Cumar, Kaitlyn Pahel

  • Community Housing



Resource Furniture Showroom Visit

8/30 Friday 

Meet Michael at 8:45 am 

SE Corner of Third Avenue and 58th Street NY, NY 10022 

9:00 am

Resource Furniture Showroom 


Sarah Watson will give talk/discussion on demographics and research 


10:00 am 

Resource Furniture Showroom 

Showroom tour 



Tour of LifeEdited apartment 

David Friedlander 


1:00 pm 

PSFK Studio 

Scott Lachut will present the PSFK Future of Home Living trend report with brief discussion of My Ideal City 




Arrival in Manhattan

 8/29 Thursday 

Arrive via ATL LGA and taxi to hotel. 

Meet Michael at 1 pm 

Museum of the City New York 

1220 5th Ave, Manhattan, NY 



#6 Lexington Avenue train to 103rd Street, walk three blocks west, or #2 or #3 train to Central Park North/110th Street, walk one block east to Fifth Avenue, then south to 103rd Street. 

Tour Making Room exhibition and then head south to Chelsea for walk on Highline and discussion of neighborhood redevelopment and housing.