MODA Show Open Tonight!

Join us for the opening reception for our upcoming exhibition, Design for Social Impact, on the evening of Thursday, May 29, from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm.

The exhibition will feature projects, including the work of our studio, that address a variety of challenges in the areas of shelter, community, education, healthcare, energy and food & water. Each category will highlight solutions taking place locally, as well as ways in which these challenges are being addressed around the world.

Architecture Students:

Daniel Alhadeff, James Boyer, James Bramlett, Katie Braswell, Po-Kai Chen, Nicholas Coffee, Madona Cumar, Eli Damircheli, Namrata Dani, Jennifer Ingram, Tyrone Marshall, Sarah McConnell, Jeremy Nash, Miguel Otero Fuentes, Kaitlyn Pahel, Mihir Patel, Junying Shi, Bunny Tucker, James Van Horn & Samuel Wald.

High Performance Building Students:

Sandeep Ahuja, Gustavo Carneiro, Patrick Chopson, Patrick Dawson, Priya Dhamale, Yiyua Jia, Marionyt Marshall, Elizabeth Minne, Victor Renteria-Valdez, Wayne Shannon, Paul Szymkiewicz, Silvia Tijo & Yija Wang.


Godfried Augenbroe, Daniel Castro, Michael Gamble, Russell Gentry,

with Jeannie Kim & Stephen Taul