Group Presentations in ZED-H

Each of the 5 combined Design and Energy Consultancy Groups Presents!

When: Friday, 10/18/13  11-1230

Where: Room 258

Who: Each team, same order as midterm: BBC, J^2, EDA, NJT, BKM

What: 5 minute overview of your BUILDING proposition – diagrams, plans, sections, elevations, model shots – remember the audience: teams eager to engage in the energy assessment of your proposals

+ 5 minutes of Q/A from the audience.

How: flash drive – please do not log-out and log-in, it is a momentum killer

Why: If I have to answer this, we are in trouble!!

The consultancy teams are formed and will be announced later today.  Each consultancy will serve one of the studio teams.

As Tim Gunn likes to say “make it work, people!”

-Michael Gamble