A few thoughts to share

Dear Class, I've reached out to Dr. Augenbroe and Professor Gentry regarding participation in this Fridays proposed review- a great idea, and thank you all for suggesting.

As each team now works to refine the site and typology response, let solar, shading, view shed, and micro-locale bear on the diagram. Simply adding skin to the plan/section diagram is not enough. What enclosure or programming strategies can mitigate direct southern exposure? Balconies, louvers, light shelves, deciduous trees, vertical gardens, perforated textile walls, etc. Likewise, airflow might begin to soften hard corners and suggest operable window types (casement, awning, transom) and specific views begin to shape apertures, and interrupt otherwise flat/thin facade membranes.

There's a big leap from the diagram to a beautifully articulated architectural project. Be bold! I would suggest a charrette session whereby wall types are woven into the diagrams: wet/dry, servant/served, opaques, perforated, ventilated, hot to cold gradients, private to public gradients- more than I can elaborate here. I spoke with a few teams about structure, too- here you have to trust the deep knowledge of structure that many of you hold, but are sometimes a bit too timid to scribble down. Be spontaneous, try sketching out structural ideas, not "cadding".

Anyone can draw a basic structural grid - extend your reach! See you tomorrow at 2.

Michael Gamble