Spring Studio Agenda is Set!

For the spring semester we will shift the focus of the studio from an urban and typological emphasis towards interiors and building envelop. 

Many of you have never participated in a studio with an immersive focus on interior design, and thus it is a very timely subject. We will concentrate on narrative construction, mood, layering, color theory, furniture, furnishing/fashion and surface all with the goal of developing highly detailed interior environments. I have some of the most talented interior designers in the city on line to work with the class. You will come out of the studio with a deeper understanding and appreciation of what makes great architecture. 

We will make a trip to NYC to learn by seeing and touching what makes great interior architecture, and visit some of the very best rooms the city has to offer – from the scale of hotel rooms and apartments all the way up to rooms that function at the monumental scale. I have a couple of NYC firms on line to share work. We will use the emerging work from this semester as a foundation for our Spring semester thinking, challenge some of the assumptions made thus far, invent new ones where needed, and refine each proposal by describing in detail various interior and exterior environments. The students this semester are in the midst of some very exciting proposals. We will describe every square inch of surface of key spaces through drawings and models. 

For the building envelop group, the work from this semester will serve as the foundation for advanced technical modeling, with direction from Jason Brown as well as myself. We will have 1 or 2 HPB students and most likely a DDF student working on facades, and architects are of course welcome. The collective work for the entire year will be exhibited in Los Angeles, and I am working on other exhibition outlets. 


Spring Syllabus